Information Security Management System Policy Company

ISO 27001:2013

Information Management:

  • To protect the credibility and image of the company,
  • To ensure compliance with the information security criteria contained in the contracts concluded with third parties,
  • To ensure the protection of the information assets it has and
  • Dynamic HR aims to ensure the information security of all physical and electronic information assets used in the implementation of our IT services in order to ensure that basic and supporting business activities continue with minimal interruption.
  • Anyone who uses the Dynamic HR computing infrastructure and has access to information resources:
    • Ensure the confidentiality of the information belonging to Dynamic HR in personal and electronic communications and information exchanges with third parties,
    • It should back up the information it processes according to the criticality levels,
    • Should take the security measures determined according to the risk levels,
    • Should report information security violation incidents and report them to the Information Security Unit and take measures to prevent these violations.
  • Information resources within Dynamic HR (announcements, documents, etc.) without authorization cannot be transmitted to people.
  • Dynamic HR information resources, T.C. it cannot be used for the purpose of activities contrary to the laws and regulations related to them.

All employees of Dynamic HR and external parties identified in ISMS are obliged to comply with this policy and the ISMS policies, procedures and instructions that implement this policy.

Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2015

  • To take customer satisfaction as a basis; not compromising the legal and regulatory requirements,
  • To ensure the satisfaction of our employees and to give importance to their training,
  • To work with the principle of doing the job with quality, right the first time and on time in all the works we do,
  • Our Quality Policy is to ensure and comply with the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System at all levels of our organization.