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Sales Team Leader

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Full Time/ On-site

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Melike Demiralp Kökcür

Job description

We are seeking a motivated and experienced Sales Team leader to join our dynamic team and drive the growth of our B2B Ecommerce platform, connecting Turkish manufacturers with clients worldwide. As a Sales Manager, you will play a crucial role in acquiring Turkish manufacturers and ensuring the success of our platform. Your primary focus will be on sales operations and motivating manufacturers to register on our platform.


  1. Proven Experience: Minimum 3 years of experience in sales leadership, preferably in the B2B Ecommerce industry or related fields.
  2. Leadership Skills: Strong leadership abilities with a track record of leading and motivating high-performing sales teams. Ability to provide guidance, coaching, and support to drive individual and team success.
  3. Sales Skills: Excellent sales and negotiation skills, with a proven track record of meeting or exceeding sales targets. Ability to identify customer needs and effectively present solutions.
  4. Relationship Building: Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills to establish rapport, build trust, and maintain long-term relationships with manufacturers.
  5. Results-Oriented: Proven ability to develop and execute sales strategies to achieve targets and drive business growth. Strong analytical skills to track sales performance and derive actionable insights.
  6. Team Player: Collaborative mindset with the ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams and contribute to the overall success of the organization.


  1. Team Leadership: Lead and motivate a team of sales professionals, providing guidance, coaching, and support to maximize their performance and achieve sales goals.
  2. Manufacturer Acquisition: Identify and engage with Turkish manufacturers, presenting the benefits and value of our platform, and persuading them to register and showcase their products.
  3. Relationship Building: Establish and maintain strong relationships with manufacturers, understanding their business needs, addressing concerns or queries, and providing ongoing support.
  4. Sales Operations: Oversee the entire sales process, including prospecting, lead generation, product presentations, negotiations, and closing deals. Ensure accurate and timely reporting of sales activities and results.
  5. Motivation and Training: Inspire and motivate manufacturers to actively participate on the platform through continuous engagement, training sessions, and providing relevant resources to maximize their success.
  6. Sales Performance Evaluation: Monitor and analyze sales data, performance metrics, and KPIs for the team. Provide regular reports, insights, and recommendations to senior management for strategic decision-making.
  7. Cross-functional Collaboration: Collaborate with various internal teams, including marketing, product development, and customer support, to ensure seamless onboarding, resolve issues, and deliver an exceptional user experience.