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Turkish Account Executive

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Turkish Account Executive

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Full Time/ Remote

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Ilkim Kantarcioglu

Job description

We are seeking a highly motivated and horoscope numerology & live broadcast & voice room-driven Turkish Account Executive to join our team.


1. More than 1 year of operating experience in the pan-entertainment industry, such as horoscope numerology & live broadcast & voice room, and familiar with the market industry ecology.
2. Turkish and English can be used as working languages.
3. Excellent data analysis, summary and induction ability, clear logic, careful thinking, and high data sensitivity.
4. Strong sense of responsibility and goal orientation, self-driven, excellent communication and coordination skills, project management skills, and good teamwork spirit.
5. Have local team management experience.


1. Responsible for the introduction, docking and management of service providers such as Kol/Koc/guild organizations, comprehensively grasp the operation of service providers, and increase the number of high-quality service providers.
2. Track and analyze service provider needs, activity data, and operational data, promote activity improvement and strategy optimization, and improve key indicators.
3. Collect industry competitive product dynamics and information, understand the operating strategies and core supply resources of competing product service providers, and timely adjust and optimize operating strategies.